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Thoroughness matters if the full learning process is to be successful. Seek out the instructor who expects you to do it well and will not accept that which is only adequate. The instructor who is willing to offer constructive criticism will generally demand more of you and as a result, push you more towards excellence.

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Finally, The most important ingredient in any class is the student. After all the purpose of any driving lesson is to teach driving so that the student is able to perform in a manner equal to that of the teacher or better than the teacher is. Don’t you agree?

Your Driving Instructor: Noel Christopher

I am a qualified Approved Driving Instructor. My Driving School is called www.ldriver.co.uk operating in East London and Essex since year 2000, also teacher in ICT, Lecturer in Teacher Training - 7407 and NVQ Assessor(A1).

Born in India brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, three children and two pets, yes and a goldfish!

I have been providing driving lessons, both learner drivers and trainee driving instructors for the past 9 years. My large client base and numerous repeat customers referrals are a testament to the success of my training program. I am very understanding and able to adapt to student’s needs, especially the 40+ age group and English as 2nd language (foreign student). My regular customers particularly value the One 2 One lesson, good Instructional skills and professionalism.

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If you are not familiar with my company and your first contact with me is on-line: I would be pleased to hear from you! Please let me know what your needs and questions are, I will be more than happy to help.

In the meantime you can contact me at 07960952703. I would like to hear from you. You can also contact me at my e-mail address: noel@ldriver.co.uk


Mr Noel Christopher


In short, born in India brought up in Singapore spent my teen’s in London got married, three children and two pets, yes and a goldfish!


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About Me.

What makes a good Driving Instructor?


Good driving instructor must have personal skills, abilities, knowledge, understanding, compassion, love for the art of teaching, good eye to spot problems and lots of patience!!!!!!


First and foremost, an driving instructor needs to have teaching ability. The instructor must be able to convey to the student the desired outcome. This means that the instructor must be able to describe, explain, and illustrate. Also, the instructor must have the ability to demonstrate what the students are supposed to do, and successfully transfer that information to the student.


Second, the instructor should have a thorough knowledge of the steps, the technique, and the associated styling. This means that the instructor must be able to take those complex driving elements, and reduce them to simple steps, relate them to other moves, and/or demonstrate the similarity between these and other steps.


Third, your instructor needs to have people skills. The instructor must be able to relate to the people, enjoy working with people, and be able to work with a diversity of people and a variety of driving capabilities.


Fourth, of course, the instructor must have a desire to teach. Additionally he or she should be patient, thorough, and supportive. Patience is a critical asset for the instructor. It is frustrating for both teacher and student when you are having trouble explaining and obtaining the students' understanding about some driving element.  »»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»»

•Clean and non smoking car

•Good time keeping

•Well presentable

•Good communicator

•Excellent interpersonal skills

•Good customer service

•Proficient teacher

•And Price is right


“Does your instructor shout @ you? Then it’s time to ditch your driving instructor”.

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East Ham, Forest Gate, Manor Park, Upton Park, Plaistow, Canning Town, Docklands, Isle of Dogs, North Woolwich, Beckton, lford, Goodmayes, Dagenham, Rainham , Wennington, Purfleet, Stifford, Aveley, Ockendon, Grays

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